Met on Mutual: Aaron and Savannah

Oct 1, 2021

Aaron actually sent me a note on mutual! I never thought I would get a dating app but I ended up downloading mutual. I didn’t respond to lots of guys but I decided to respond to Aaron. I was sick of trying to talk to guys by then but he was so easy to talk to and the conversation flowed naturally. Covid had just started, and I had just gotten home from my mission, since we were both in quarantine we had LOTS of time to talk. He ended up coming to my house to help us move and from there we just kept going on dates! I remember something I loved about him on the first date we went on is he would ask to sit next to me, or hold my hand, or put his arm around me. He was super respectful and extremely funny and I am so in love with him. I’m happy I gave it a chance. I’m happy I went on more than one date with him. I’m happy I made more of an effort than usual. Now we are engaged and are about to be married in 2 and a half months. I couldn’t be happier! I used to feel so embarrassed telling people we met on a dating website, for some reason I felt like it didn’t feel as natural or as cute of a story. But with today’s world it’s really awesome that we can find people who live so far away and meet them and learn about them and love them. I’m super grateful things turned out the way they did!

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