Met on Mutual: Ben & Ellen

Nov 15, 2021

Ben and I matched on mutual the start of this year, we had matched previously years ago, not that I remembered. But we swiped up on each other, me because I saw where he served and it was where my parents served and him because he was just tired of unsuccessful matches and decided to give me another chance since he knew we had match previously and he thought I was cute. 

I started the conversation, we started talking and the conversation just never died. We talked about seeing each other, since we are both full time uni students, we had to wait until the next set of school holidays, I said I would go visit him, because it was easier for me to go there than for him to come to me. Since I was in Western Australia and he is New South Wales.

 April came and we just clicked in person and it felt natural, we started to date and by the end of June we were engaged. Ben proposed originally with earrings, as it is tradition in Kiribati where he served his mission to propose with earrings, he did it on my birthday in the parklands surrounding the city in Adelaide. 

Our wedding date set for the end of September, the 25th which was my grandparents wedding anniversary but because of the covid situation in New South Wales, our wedding has been postponed to mid January.

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