Met on Mutual: Nicole & Patrick

Sep 24, 2021

This summer I was supposed to move home for about a month & a half. My fiancé, Patrick, and I matched the beginning of May (May 2 to be exact) a day or two before I made the trip home and talked for three weeks while I was in New Mexico. His first messaged to me was about baseball and asked if I wanted to go see a Bee’s game. I told him yes… if he was willing to wait a month or two until I was back in Provo. He agreed, and we talked via text and phone calls until 3 weeks later when I sporadically made a trip back to Provo to “help out at work”, “get a quick break in from the family” before a week long trip, & go on a few dates with Mutual guys… Mainly one, Patrick. We met for the first time on a Wednesday, hung out Thursday, I cancelled all of my other dates, hung out again Friday, we went on our first date on Saturday—to a Bee’s game as was promised, started dating Sunday, said “I love you” Monday, talked about marriage Tuesday, and decided to get married Wednesday. Don’t worry, we waited 3 months to get engaged (September 2) and, yes, all of our friends thought we were insane. But they’ve come around & are excited for us to get married next month on December 8.


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