Met on Mutual: Nicole & MaKormick

Oct 29, 2021

College has been known to be a place for success, happiness and a place like home. Nicole, a college student that came from Colorado, stayed busy in her studies and was trying to look for that special someone to share her eternity with. She went on dates, met boys, and eventually was ready to give up on dating and move on in life. At the same time, there was a boy named MaKormick who came from Washington State and was also a senior attending the same school at the same time, BYU-Idaho. MaKormick had been on countless dates also trying to focus on school, but also looking for his eternity and best friend he would hope to call his spouse someday. Both discouraged that they weren’t finding that special someone, they both received counsel from friends about going onto the dating app called “Mutual”.

Both of them didn’t want to waste time on Tinder or other apps where people aren’t as serious about a genuine relationship. MaKormick sat and went through all profiles within an hour and sure enough Nicole and MaKormick matched. They began talking and MaKormick didn’t want to waste time and asked Nicole on a date the following day.

They went to Applebee’s and after dinner they walked around Porter Park in Rexburg for 1.5 hours. The next few days they saw each other every day for multiple hours at end and enjoyed each other’s company. Eventually they had a DTR (3 days later) and were able to express and open up on the same level and page and be able to start their relationship. Day after day they hung out almost all day every day meaning that they would meet up at 8:00am, MaKormick would walk Nicole to her class, while he waited outside for her. They would see each other 18 hours every day which many didn’t like or expressed to us it’s important to give space, however we both loved seeing each other and 18 hours a day allowed us to see how each other does under stress, little sleep, etc and during these days they were able to talk and Face time each others families.

 Eventually Nicole and MaKormick were able to come to Colorado as her dad was throwing a surprise party for her mom and invited me, and meet her family to get permission to marry. Both parents of MaKormick and Nicole weren’t to thrilled to hear we met on a dating app, but we didn’t care. Many people love watching the bachelor shows and think, “will I ever find my special someone”? MaKormick and Nicole met on April 22 2017, and were in an official relationship April 25, 2017. On June 16th 2017, MaKormick invited Nicole to Disney World to meet his family and on June 23rd 2017, MaKormick proposed to Nicole having an artist draw them. On August 11th 2017, Nicole and MaKormick got married in the Fort Collins Colorado Temple.

Since August 11th 2017, every time MaKormick and his beautiful wife Nicole are in public around friends and strangers, they make a huge effort to share their story because of Mutual. At school at BYU-Idaho, the grocery store, or even just hanging with friends, when we see single LDS people who are distraught and sad they won’t ever find love, we simply ask, “have you tried the dating app, Mutual?” We promote Mutual 24-7, and many people are surprised to see success stories. We are so thankful for the creation of Mutual, where both of us were ready to give up on dating, and the creators of Mutual brought us eternal happiness. We would love to personally thank the creators, because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be eternally happy with our eternal best friend. Thank you Mutual!!!

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