Expert Panel- What is the most appropriate way to meet up for the first time?

Oct 21, 2021

Liv Talley, Dating Coach

“Meet up for the first time however you BOTH feel comfortable! Don’t agree to anything that makes you feel unsafe—clearly communicate beforehand where/how you want to meet up and it’s a good idea to tell a roommate or a friend of your plans so they can check on you if necessary.”

Tammy Hill, Marriage and Family Therapist, and BYU Professor

“If you are unsure of how to be with a person for the first time I suggest you 1) include other people on your date or 2) drive separately to meet for the date. Your safety comes first!”

Jerry & Briahnna Scott, from Single to Sealed Podcast

“When you are going on a first date with someone, you cannot predict how the date will go – especially if you have never met them in-person before. We definitely recommend that you meet up at the date location and have separate forms of transportation. This way you have a comfortable out if the date doesn’t go well, and also you can feel secure if you are not feeling safe on the date. We would also recommend your first three dates be in a well-lit and public location where you can both feel comfortable while also having a lot of fun! Dates that give you a lot of opportunities to talk and connect are the best dates! Reserve movies theaters, concerts and shows, or other dates where you are unable to converse for later in your relationship. You are looking for connection and conversation!”

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Liv Talley
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Liv Talley is an LDS dating and relationship coach, lifestyle mentor, and published author of the book: Sorry, You’re Not Perfect. She has helped singles find love, get married in the temple, and build exceptionally blessed lives through in-depth mindset coaching and personal acceptance/self-compassion.


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