7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Are Sure To Impress

Valentine’s Day is for new love, old love, simple acts of kindness, grand gestures, and spending time with the person who means the most to you. And it’s right around the corner! 

If you haven’t planned out your big date yet, don’t worry. There’s still time to pull together the perfect date for your special someone. 

Below are 7 date ideas to get the ball rolling. (Plus, we’ve included exclusive discounts for those of you in Utah county! Hurry, secure your savings on mutualDates!) 


You can’t go wrong with a classic dinner date! This could be a fancy meal at a new and boujee restaurant you’ve both been dying to try or a casual stop at your favorite go-to pizza joint. 

If you’re feeling up to a challenge, you can even try making a multi-course meal yourself!

Treat your date to Rollup Crepes in Orem, UT with this deal for 50% off! 

This date includes two of any savory crepes, a special Valentine’s “Sweetheart Crepe”, and two of any fountain drinks. Only $15/couple!


Let’s be real, life gets stressful. Show your date that you care by finding a way to take a load off their shoulders!

Treat them to a relaxing day at the spa or, for a more budget-friendly option, give them an at-home spa night with massages and face masks.

Get over 30% off a date night at Plunj: a Nordic-style spa in Provo, UT. 

You and your date will experience contrast therapy, the Scandinavian-inspired process of enjoying a sauna followed by a dip in icy cold water, repeating. Enjoy the sauna; brave the cold; feel good. Only $40/couple!


Haven’t DTRed yet and want to keep things more casual? Take your date out for a Valentine’s Day zero-proof drink. This allows you time to chat and get to know them more while also keeping it short and sweet.

Get over 50% at Latter Day Cafe in Provo Utah and try the first-ever natural coffee substitute that ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE COFFEE! 

Try two smalls with up to four caffeine shots (the drinks start caffeine-free) for only $6.95/couple.


Get your creative juices flowing and make something special together. 

Find a painting class you can attend, look up a DIY tutorial on YouTube, or freestyle your own project. If it doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, that’s okay! The most important things you’ll make are memories.


Chocolate is a classic Valentine’s Day delicacy, but anything sweet will do! 

Take your date out for a fancy dessert or make something together at home. This is great as a standalone date or as the cherry on top to finish a romantic evening together.

10% off Valentine’s Day cheesecake? Yes, please! 

Momo’s Gourment Cheesecake Co. is a cozy specialty cheesecake shop in Provo, UT that makes the perfect simple first date or ending to a larger one. Get two cutie-sized cheesecakes for only $10/couple – made fresh in the shop every day!


Maybe the romantic, slow-paced date isn’t really your speed. No problem! Having a backflip contest at a trampoline park, playing your favorite sport together, or learning to swing dance are great ways to spend time together while keeping the mood fun and playful.

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One of the best ways to build a connection with someone is to experience something new together. 

Look up places and activities that are unique to your area such as somewhere you can explore or a local shop neither of you has visited before.

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Scales and Tails reptile facility in West Valley City, UT for only $17/couple! 

You and your date will learn about the amazing animals and get an opportunity to hold, pet, and take photos with them.


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