Met on Mutual: Ben & Camilla

Sep 1, 2021

Hi mutual! I was hoping to share my mutual success story with you guys.
I was so opposed to online dating, that I don’t even know why I was even trying it. Looking back now, I see how perfectly everything lined up.
Ben and I met right before he was moving to a city out of the range I had set on my profile. if I had gotten the app any later, I wouldn’t have met him.
We ended up becoming an official couple right before Valentine’s Day, which we were both excited for, because neither of us had ever been dating someone for Valentine’s before. I introduced him to my dog, who quickly warmed up to him. My dog hated most people, so this was a BIG deal!
Since we were long distance, we decided to meet halfway (in Bountiful) once a week, and go to each other’s cities on weekends.
Turns out we really liked each other, and ended up seeing each other WAY more than just twice a week.
So much happened in such a short amount of time. I wish I could write all of it. But after multiple vacations, movie nights, rock climbing dates, and more adventures together, we got married in the Bountiful temple at the end of November in 2019.

I’m so grateful I put my doubt and opposition aside and tried mutual. It led me to the best human I know!

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