Met on Mutual: Jesus & Jocelyn

Sep 14, 2021

The story starts like this, after a breakup of a 6 year relationship and canceling a wedding. A friend convinced me to find a new love with this new app she was trying and really liked, i did it as a joke and 4 days later that breakup I met Jesus. He send the first message but it was late, the next morning we talked and told him: if you’re interested you can text me (gave him my number), im deleting this app. A little back story, i felt i was not ready since it was VERY recent my breakup. Well, Jesus texted me and i called him that same day. He lived in Houston Tx and i live in San Diego CA, 2 hrs difference but it didn’t matter, we texted and called non stop and we met a month later here in San Diego and we started dating formally, 3 months later he proposed on a Black Friday, then He moved to San Diego and 6 months after we got Married and Sealed at the San Diego Temple 2 years ago, June 29th 2019. I never imagine being married and happy, after all I suffered in that other relationship. Meeting Jesus changed my life to good and im very thankful for that friend that basically forced me to download Mutual. Now im the one telling everyone that Mutual is the best dating app, Thank You for creating a platform that helps Us find the love we deserve!

Met On Mutual
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