Met on Mutual: Emily & Brendan

Sep 10, 2021

April 2017- I visited my family in Utah and looked at the mutual app one time. So my location settings changed. When I got home from my trip, I could not get the app to say I was back in Las Vegas. I literally tried everything. Logged in and out, deleted the app and re-downloaded it. NOTHING worked. So I went with it. 

May 1st 2017- I was scrolling through mutual and came across this guy named Brendan. He was tall looked adventurous. His picture had him wearing a back pack and holding a camera. (Which I later found out was stage by his friend specifically for a dating profile…I guess it worked) I thought to myself “If anything’s gonna work out I have to get outside of my comfort zone. So I swiped up. And we matched! We began talking and we had chemistry right away. We talked everyday after that point. Later I found out he told himself (on May 1st) if he didn’t find someone good that day he was going to delete the app. But he found me😜. He tried to ghost me at one point but I was persistent in texting him and snapchatting him. He also said he just couldn’t bring himself to actually do it and stop talking to me. We talked for two months before we met in person for the first time. He last minute flew down to Las Vegas and met my family. He was there for 24hrs literally. I met his family a few weeks later. In August I made plans to move to Utah and see how this would all work out. And in January he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We will be sealed for time and all eternity on August 25th 2018.

I’m so grateful for whoever created mutual because for all of us who met our eternal companions on here, I hope that makes it worth it. You’ve helped us along with the lord. Without him none of this would be possible. I’m so blessed to have met my fiancé the way I did and when I did.

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