Met on Mutual: Bri and Christian

Sep 3, 2021

When I accepted my scholarship to go to the U I quickly found myself in the company of incredible roommates – those roommates were also the friends who told me about Mutual. After one of my roommates went on 50-70 dates in a semester using Mutual I was burnt out of dating – and I wasn’t the one going on the dates! I detested the idea of getting a dating app and was in constant opposition. 

One day I jokingly made a bet with my roommates that if I lost, I’d get Mutual. I had forgotten about the bet until my roommates reminded me that I had lost and had to get Mutual. I agreed to get the app for 24 hours and had plans to delete it later. Little did I know Heavenly Father had another plan for me because I matched with three guys that day, and my husband was the only guy who messaged me first (I wasn’t going to be the one starting conversations lol!). 

We started talking soon after and I decided the app wasn’t that bad. When I met my husband I quickly fell in love, and on the third date, I knew I wanted to marry him – he’s pretty amazing! We are now going on 2.5 years of marriage – and it’s all thanks to Mutual, a lost bet, and Heavenly Father ️.


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