Matthew & Madison: Met on Mutual

Jul 9, 2021

Matthew and I (Madison) matched on mutual over the summer of 2019. Matthew is from Alaska and when we matched he was home working his seasonal job as a First Mate on whale watching boats for the summer. I am from Utah and have been a tour guide for a small company based out of Utah for the past few years. Due to the fact that we both worked in tourism and were both living adventurous, outdoor lifestyles we had a lot to talk about. So we text all the time. When Matthew came back to Utah for his last two semesters at SUU we decided to go on a date. He was my 2nd Mutual date in 24 hours, and I was his 4th (he had been saving up dates for when he got back to Utah)! 

Our date went really well! We had a great time and I realized that I really wanted to go on more dates with this kid (he is 3 years younger than me). However, the next day I caught a flight and was out of state for 2 weeks. We spent every day texting and every night on the phone. When I got home I went straight into a new tour and it just so happened that the majority of the tours I was doing at the time had me spending Friday nights in Springdale, UT. Only an hour from where Matthew lived. 3 weeks after our first date, Matthew came out to Springdale for a night hike in Zion National Park under the full moon. It was a Friday the 13th and that was the day we began officially dating. 

Summer of 2020 I quit my job and booked a one-way flight to Alaska. I had always wanted to come work a summer in Alaska and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Other than COVID had just hit and the job I had planned to work with Matthew had fallen through. However, within a week of arriving in Alaska we were both working on the boats spotting whales, puffins, sea lions, glaciers, etc. every day! It was a great summer! Especially when we returned to Utah for Matthew’s graduation for a week in August and he made some time to take me to the top of Observation Point overlooking Zion Canyon. As the sun rose he knelt down and asked me to marry him!!

We chose November 13, 2020 to be sealed in the Payson Temple since we had had such good luck with our first Friday the 13th! It was not exactly the white wedding (no snow) that we had hoped for, but it was still beautiful! And so much fun! We honeymooned in Durango, CO and for the following months basically just enjoyed an extended honeymoon bouncing around Utah in our car, tent, and family’s guest rooms. The week of Valentines we packed up all our things and drove the beautiful, long, COLD drive to Alaska! And here we are for the foreseeable future!


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