Met on Mutual: Alissa & Will

Jul 19, 2021

Hello!! Will and I matched last September after I used the premium feature and then we hit it off right away and started dating and we are getting married next week! We both had been on mutual for a while and were about to delete the app when we found each other!  I remember using the premium feature of going through who had swiped up on me and when I got to Will I thought, “He seems super nice and he’s cute!” Once we matched, he messaged me within a day and we talked for hours on the app and then exchanged phone numbers and we both deleted the app pretty quickly after meeting each other and started dating! We are so happy we met on mutual because we never would have met otherwise! I was in Utah and Will was in Wyoming so we saw each other on weekends and casually dated through the winter when we were able to see each other and things began getting serious in January when we could see each other more often. We were engaged in March after going official 3 weeks earlier! He had signs  with our love story at the park while we were doing a photo shoot for my cousin and he proposed on the bridge! Our story begins, once upon a time we met on mutual” and that is how we always tell the story of how we met! Our wedding in next week July 13 and we are over the moon so happy and so grateful we found each other on Mutual

Met On Mutual
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