Met on Mutual: Paige & Issac

Jan 10, 2023

We had a wild first date!! He drove an hour to pick me up, but I was totally not prepared and was in the middle of washing my dog! So he happily came into my bathroom and got on his knees and helped me wash my dog while listening to some country music! That’s when I KNEW I liked him. Then the actual date we had planned (Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point) was CLOSED by the time we were done! So we improvised, went to Cabelas and messed around, he met my family, and then we set up a hammock and talked in the hammock by the fire! Eventually he started the play the guitar for me and make up silly songs about me! Eventually, we started to cuddle and after what felt like FOREVER we kissed 🙂 and suddenly. It started to rain. In January. And it was the most magical thing ever. Well, we came to the conclusion that it was pointless for him to drive home and then back to the Butterfly Biosphere in the morning.. so he slept on my couch!! In the morning, my mom (It was during Christmas break so I was at home)…  STORMED into my room and started telling me how upset she was at me. I was TERRIFIED! And he could hear the whole thing so HE WAS TERRIFIED!! After a further scolding, I realized she wasn’t mad he was on the couch… but that we left HER GUITAR IN THE RAIN!!!!!! (Honestly.. that was the leastttt of my worries) So we both quickly jumped up and check on the guitar (which was perfectly fine) and then proceeded to have breakfast with my whole family. Next, we brushed our teeth together and went to the Butterfly Biosphere and he held my hand the wholleee time. (Does that seem like we moved too fast? Maybe. But that’s just what worked for us!) (and I love how he didn’t play mental games with me! He was so upfront about how he felt and it was AWESOME!) After that date, we continued going on dates back and forth every so often and then did long distance for EIGHT MONTHS! And now we are happily together and it could not be better!! Best. Story. Ever.

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