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Jan 12, 2023

We love getting app reviews, success stories, and hearing all you say about Mutual! Here’s what people are saying in some of our most recent reviews from people who are currently on Mutual and people who found their happily ever after.

“I love Mutual because it fosters a great environment for meeting new people, locally and all over the world, who have similar values as me and who make me feel safe! I also love how connected it is to the community- it’s so awesome to see the date ideas with discounts on local activities that help make my dating experiences so much more comfortable and fun!!”


“I found my husband. Swipe wisely and you’ll be just fine.”


“I love how we can meet and connect with people from the other side of the world, definitely is one of the best apps.”


“I’m annoyed how well this app works. I honestly downloaded this app as a joke… Then I somehow managed to stumble into this amazing girl (who I think I swiped up on on accident) who I took out anyways, fell in love with, and married. There were things that annoyed me about the people on the app, but all of it was worth it because I got to meet my wife.”

-T. Medix

“I enjoy using Mutual because I know it is a trustworth app where I can make sure I am meeting people with the same standards as me and it provides features where I can see who matches more with what I am looking for.”


“After struggling to find LDS members to date in my local wards, I tried out this app. Within the first day I was able to find a match and that woman later became my wife. I lived in a bigger city and she was in a smaller town about 45 minutes away on the highway from me. Without this app I would have never had the chance to meet her. We have been married about 4 years now and just had our first child.”


“I have been using Mutual for 2 years, and it has been a great way to connect with other members of our faith since the covid-19 pandemic!”


“I met the love of my life on this app. It takes a lot of swiping and some disappointment, but persistence pays off!”


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