Met on Mutual: Geanella & Ross

Feb 21, 2023


We started talking on 13th  January. When Ross typed me I thought we will only talk for a few days, but after understanding his 5-year plan I realized he was a lot more mature and focused than the other guys I had spoken to and dated. I fell in love quite quickly but he was on what he called a “sabbatical”. He had spoken to a lot of other Latina’s and thought that I was going to be the same as them which gave him even more reason to be on his “sabbatical”.

Ross became a really good friend to me and I soon realized “This is the man I want to marry”. There were times when I decided to stop talking with him because I didn’t want to be the only one in love, but I am glad I waited.

Ross finally came to visit on July and I fell in love all over again. I wasn’t the only one, we got engaged in Ecuador. From the first time my mother met him she started calling him her son. He was so good just helping around the house and fitting in with the family even though there was a language barrier.

Now we are here today we got married on 11 December we were sealed In Johannesburg Temple and our little daughter Sol was born on 31 October

I’m from Ecuador and Ross is from South Africa


After video calling almost every night for a year and a half I decided it was time to go meet Geanella who lived literally halfway across the world.

I knew exactly what I wanted and I can remember thinking “Geanella is 100% wife material”, but I just wasn’t ready to settle down and so she patiently waited until I was ready and I think it was the best choice she has made.

I won’t lie I was really nervous I’d see her and doubt my decision, but that changed after I walked off my last flight and I saw this adorable girl with the biggest smile and cutest dimples staring at me. I remember how nervous she looked… I thought it was adorable. We both are so grateful for this app.

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