Met on Mutual: Brendon & Maron

Jul 12, 2021

I wanted to share our story with you. I want to thank y’all for creating a tool that God uses for us to find one another. I still cannot believe I found my husband on the app, but God works in mysterious ways. Again, thank you for helping me find someone who never lets me settle, and dreams with me. This life we created together wouldn’t be possible without you.


Here is our story:

During Spring Break of March 2020, Brendon Charlton went home to St. George. After hanging out with his old friends he found himself coaching his friends on how to talk to girls over dating apps. After returning home from that trip, he thought maybe he should try Mutual again. I was coming out of a really bad break up, and I was trying to encourage my friend to get on mutual herself. Finally we came to a consensus that we would both join at the same time. I ran my account for one day, and matched with a few guys. Brendon being one of them. I though nothing of it, but it served as a distraction from college and the ex that lived next door. After talking for one week, Brendon asked me on date, purely for the coincidence that he would be in Logan that day. I agreed, and as I was leaving I simply told my roommate, “it will be nice to just get out of the house.” My mother thought I was crazy for going on a date at the beginning of COVID-19, but I thought nothing of it, it just felt right. The first date was a normal date, we sat by a lake and went fishing. We talked about college, movies, quoting Spongebob episodes, and not realizing how easy it was to talk to each other.  Afterwards, I still thought nothing of the date but Brendon worked at a movie theater and promised me a movie poster of my favorite movies. With as shallow as it sounds, that was my main goal for a second date. It was all of the little things that built upon one another, it was easy to be together. I never expected to find anyone on Mutual, it was the very last place I imagined. Let alone marrying that same man on October 4, 2020. I fall in love with Brendon more every single day, and I have no doubt that Mutual was God’s tool to help us find one another. We now dream together with our Corgi Napoleon, two hedgehogs, and our 50 gallon fish tank.

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