Met on Mutual: Austin & Haley

Aug 10, 2021

Austin and I matched on Mutual on May 26, 2017. He contacted me right away and within a few texts on the app, I gave him my number. We texted all week and he asked questions about me. During that week, he also called me to officially ask me out, even though we had already confirmed our date through text. He wanted to be a gentleman and formally ask me out. A week after matching, on June 2, we went on our first date to dinner and a play. However, I actually met him in person the day before when he met me at the school where I work and he helped me transport a class turtle and her terrarium to my car and then into my house. Then about 4 days after the first date, we decided to be a couple. By the end of the week, we both knew we wanted to be together forever. Crazy fast, we know! But we’d both been in committed relationships before and we knew the timing was right for us. On September 10, we were engaged and three months later on December 16, 2017 we were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Prior to meeting Austin, I had been on the app for about 10 months and had gone on many dates with no lasting success. Austin had just been on it for maybe a week or so and I was the first, and only, person he went out with from the app. So we had very different experiences with dating up to finally meeting, but when we met, it truly was the perfect match. The wait was all worth it. He truly is my soulmate and best friend and we have you all to thank for everything! I became a wife and a stepmother on my wedding day, after 30 years of waiting for Mr. Right. There he was, one swipe away, and only a few minutes up the road! I am convinced I never would have met him if it had not been for Mutual. With him being a single father in a family ward in a different town, and me attending a singles ward, we never would have crossed paths. We tell everyone that we met on Mutual!

Met On Mutual
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