Met on Mutual: Brittany & Jason

Jason and I met on Mutual in July of 2017. It was very quick that we met in person. From the very first day, I knew there was something special. Since then, we’ve traveled the country visiting temples and recently were married in Hawaii! Thank you for creating Mutual! We have seen almost 30 temples this year. Our second date was to the Nashville temple and our first trip was to the Nauvoo temple. We’ve since been all the way to San Diego and back visiting temples; including but not limited to, learning about the Mormon battalion. Then, we visited the Kirtland temple and seen the center of the Mormon walking trail, visited Nauvoo, walked the Sacred Grove, walked up Hill Cumorah and enjoyed each Mormon historical site along the way. We love the church and we’re thankful that Mutual introduced us. Jason is my forever and I’ve found him thanks to you all! 


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