Met on Mutual: Rachel & Wanchai

Oct 4, 2022

I downloaded mutual for less than 24 hours. One night I created an account, added my social media tags and a short message about myself. The next morning after scrolling, I felt like online dating was not for me so I deleted it. The funny thing is Wanchai, who had been on mutual for about a year, found my mutual profile and social media tags. He took the chance to message me that night on social media. We were both from California (which is where he saw my profile) but he had returned to Utah for school. We video called that Sunday and texted for about a month until Wanchai decided to drive all the way back to California to meet in person for the first time. Since the first date we bonded quickly but felt that if we wanted this to work it would be a choice to choose each other each day. We were long distance for almost our entire relationship but through it all we made it work. About 14 months from since Wanchai saw my profile on mutual we were married in the Redlands California Temple.

Now married we understand we must keep choosing each other each day. This fall we will be attending school together at BYU and are so grateful for our choices. Today it still feels like a miracle he found me from my less than 24 hours on mutual.

Met On Mutual
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