Met on Mutual: Julianna & Jashon

Jun 2, 2021

My fiancé and I grew up in the same town in Washington, but never met. Looking back now, we even figured out that I had driven past his house countless times growing up. We matched on Mutual over a year ago, but at that point, he had moved to San Antonio, TX, which was over 2,000 miles away. We clicked right away and texted every day and skyped for over a month, after which he was going on a trip to WA to visit family, and that’s when we met in person and started dating. We had a super fun summer together, and then he went to start school at BYUI, so we dated long distance for almost six months before I started school at BYUI. A few months later, I travelled with him to his home in Texas and he proposed to me there in a beautiful Japanese Tea Garden. I couldn’t be happier that Mutual brought us together, when we never would’ve crossed paths otherwise!

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