Met On Mutual: Dalton & Hannah

May 28, 2021

So I hated dating so much. And I hated dating apps even more but it was just so hard meeting anybody during a pandemic.

So, I did what any reasonable person would do and gave my mom my mutual account to swipe up on.

I told her that he needed to be at least 6ft, have a light in his eyes, and if she could picture him one day rummaging through her fridge to feed her grandchildren, then she could swipe up on him.

She would send me a batch of boys she matched me with and then I would filter through them and have my mom message back the guys that seemed cute and interesting.

She sent my now fiancé’s picture with a batch of other guys and I accidentally mixed his name up with another guy and almost canceled the date he set up for us!

Luckily I double checked and the rest is history! We’re getting married this summer and we both are cautiously grateful for mutual for bringing us together (we mapped it out and we would never have crossed paths IRL without mutual)

So thank you for running a platform that can bring two crazy and amazing people together.

I had no idea I was winning over my mother in law days before I ever even met the love of my life. 

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