Met on Mutual: Andrea & Philip

Jun 7, 2021

Our story is magical and beautiful and very connected with the Spirit, I was almost a year in mutual, meeting people but could not find that spiritual connection that I was looking for so much, then COVID-19 came and paralyzed many plans at the end of 2020, right on  Last day of the year, before going to sleep I made my prayer thanking God and Jesus for all that I had obtained and lost, that day I asked my Father in prayer to guide me to the person he had for me, to help me  to return to his presence and have the same desire as me, to live a life in the gospel, when I woke up on January 1, 2021, I had made the decision to close my profile at Mutual and start a new year.  When I opened Mutual I found a note, that when reading it my heart was moved it was a very different feeling, I felt that I should continue to meet Philp, he is from Saint George and I am from Peru Trujillo we never cared about the distance, we started to know each other and after  a month of messages, video call.

texts, dinners and movies every day through technology we knew that we wanted to continue in this adventure. 

March 28 he arrived in Peru and on April 7 of this year we got engaged and planned to get married in Saint  George.  And we are an Eternal family.  I thank my Heavenly Father and Mutual for making me such a wonderful man, I love him so much and it will be for all eternity..

Met On Mutual
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