Met on Mutual : Sarah & Tyson

Jun 4, 2021

On April 19th 2020, I reluctantly downloaded Mutual because of Covid. I mostly just created a profile for fun, not having very high expectations of the app. I just thought it would be good for me to get to know people and be social during Covid especially after my mission. Almost 3 months later of having the app and not having any luck, I decided to purchase a months subscription of Mutual up on July 16th. 11 days later on July 27th, I matched with Tyson from off of my Mutual up feed and he messaged me the same night. After exchanging some good conversational messages, I decided to ask for him number. We talked every single day for an entire month up until around the start of school at BYU. I was surprised we hadn’t run out of things to talk about. Since I had been talking to him for so long and we were both going to BYU in the fall, I thought “what would be the harm in meeting him in person, especially if he’s this amazing over text?” The funny thing is I felt like I got to know Tyson so well over text, we wouldn’t have anything to talked about if we met in person. On Friday August 28th we decided to go on a date to Cafe Rio. I felt like this date was different from my other Mutual dates because it felt like I already knew Tyson very well. We became officially in a relationship a few weeks later and engaged on March 18th 2021.To this day I can’t believe I found my fiancé and soon to be husband on this app. I would not have met him otherwise if it weren’t for Covid or Mutual. I’m forever grateful for him and excited for the big day on June 26th!

Met On Mutual
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