Met on Mutual: Abby & Mylo

I used to make fun of people who met on dating apps. Not even joking. If we could go back in time and you told me I’d meet my husband online I would laugh at you and probably roll my eyes. The thought of meeting my spouse online made me CRINGE and I’m not sure. I had a whole trip over something and land in his arms type of hallmark scenario in my head. But then I got mutual and I met Mylo.

Mylo is from New Zealand and I’m from Utah! When we met, we clicked! Instant best friends! I thought he was the FUNNIEST person. Wherever he would go, I would be right next to him! I knew I didn’t want to date anyone else. He was and still is pretty amazing!

He was in New Zealand at the time we matched. (January 2020) In fact, I swiped on him because he was all the way in New Zealand. I was way too scared to date, so I knew the chances of us actually meeting was 0%. Turned out, he was just visiting his family and he actually lived in Utah… 10 minutes away from me we had each other Snapchat’s but talked like 2 times … then he came back to Utah and offered me candy from New Zealand. Little did he know, I’m a big sweet tooth and that’s when he got me all wrapped around his finger He left on a pre-season sales trip for work. (#Vivint) and wouldn’t be back for a week. We FaceTimed and talked on the phone during that time and set up a day to go out! He came back on a Sunday and we had our date planned for Tuesday… but he asked me to go to a devotional with him that night! when he came to get me, I was in a DAZE. He looked GOOD  He picked me up a few hours early and he took me back to his house and I met his mom (we obviously didn’t move slow) we spent almost every day together since.

He proposed on Valentine’s Day of 2020, we had a corona wedding on April 3rd, 2020, and were Sealed in the Ogden Utah temple on December 19th 2020. I’m so THANKFUL I met him. He’s my best friend! Without Mutual, I wouldn’t have him in my life, and the thought of that makes me FREAK. so thank you, Mutual. You did done good. 

Met On Mutual
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These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!


These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!

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