Met On Mutual: Alyssa & Justin

May 26, 2021

Crazy! I only got on mutual because I was trying to get to know more people than just in my ward. I had a goal to date like 5 guys by the end of the month. The first guy I went on a date with was pretty cool, bought me my favorite food after a quick hike. We laughed a bunch and thought maybe we’d see each other again. Then I went on dates with like 4 other guys. Then this first guy asked me out again, we made out a bunch, had a great time, laughed SO MUCH, and decided to meet for a third time. When we met on our third date we thought about going official since we liked each other more than others we had met on mutual but we decided it would be best to break up before he went back to BYUI in the winter. Things were a little tricky because we’re both living at home right now (freaking covid) and live about two hours drive from each other. We had to really come up with a plan to see each other more often than just once a week for a few hours! So it ended up that our parents were cool with us spending the weekend at each other’s place. Crazy, right? It worked out though! Eventually we weren’t able to stay at my place because I’ve got a few at risk family members and the Rona just kicked up it’s speed of infection around Thanksgiving. Luckily his parents are cool with me coming over all the time now and we’re just trying to make the best of our time together before he moves.

One thing led to another…and now we’re planning to get married instead of break up! Justin and I will be long distance for a semester and get married in April! We’re so excited! And neither of us can believe that we met our future spouse in mutual.

Met On Mutual
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