Meet Mutual: The Team Behind Worry-Free Dating

Jul 20, 2023

When we say that the people are what make Mutual great, we mean it. Not just the people on the app, but the people behind the app as well. We interviewed Karlie, our Customer Support Manager, and asked her to tell us about her team.

“We are Mutual’s first line of defense,” she responded, “meaning we are here to take care of you. That’s our job. We’re here to make sure you have a good experience. We’re here to make sure that you’re being listened to when things aren’t going the way they should. We’re also here to make sure that we’re getting rid of all the bad actors.”

She went on to describe the passion that her team has for keeping Mutual a safe space for everyone. 

“Especially a couple of the guys on our team,” she told us, “They are so passionate about protecting our users, just like our CEO is.”

We also interviewed Bob, Mutual’s CEO, and his wife Natalie.

“That’s what Mutual brings to the whole story,” Natalie explained. “It’s much more safe and comfortable, and you’re able to maybe let down a little bit. That’s what I love, and has been the case since the beginning, is how conscientious the team is. As far as anything that’s reported, anybody that’s uncomfortable… the team looks at everything.”

“My goal from the beginning was, ‘I want this to look like the wards we attend,’” Bob told us. “We want people on the app that are authentic and look like the people you go to church with every Sunday, and that I feel like Mutual has achieved, so it is a real authentic option to in-person dating.”

Mutual Team
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