10 Frighteningly Bad Date Stories

Oct 17, 2023

What’s the scariest thing about Halloween? Bad dates, of course! We asked for some of your worst date stories – the kind that are so bad, they’re almost scary – and put together a list of some of our favorites. Enjoy… if you dare! 👻

“I went on a date to meet this lady at the mall. She was there with a friend. She told me she only dates men that date one person. Upon leaving I escorted her to her car that was on the other side of the mall. I had with me my personal phone and a work phone. I asked her if she could take me around to my truck. So she did. After I left her car and got into my truck. I realized I left one of my phones in her car. So I called her to tell her. She said how could that be possible? I said had two. Plus my locating device says you are heading to fountain Hills. Little bit reluctant, but she said go by this house and I will run it out to you. So I did just that. Got my phone back and I went home. While sitting on the couch, she calls me back. However a man answered and asked me if I enjoyed taking his fiancé out on a date? I said didn’t know she was engaged? She told me she was single! He says: You can have her! I said: I don’t want her! She lied to me! I said I’m sorry! Good luck! Good bye! He said: Good bye.” “

“I have so many but I’ll go with my most recent one. I met a guy at a stake single adult fireside. We decided to meet up for dinner. When we got there I shook his hand and before my hand was back by my side, he had pulled out hand sanitizer and poured it into his palm. This is 2023 not 2020… We go to the place he picked which was an India restaurant in the back of a gas station, with only one light, plastic silverware and you picked out your drink from the gas station fridges. During dinner I notice a ziplock with some papers in it. I assume it was old school printed directions which is fine as we live in a tiny place with little cell service. It was snowing so I assumed the bag was to insure it didn’t bleed. When I asked him about it, he proceeded to tell me he printed off his resume for me to have a copy of. He was quite offended when I said I didn’t need a copy of it. Then he pulled out a notecard and started reading questions he had googled for a first date. Again, points for trying. His first question was what is the most important value to you. I said faith. He said honesty. Then he says so due to those values he felt he needed to tell me the truth, that he didn’t believe The Church was true and since I clearly was a beloved daughter of God I needed to know he had already researched it and felt for himself it was false. However, he wanted to date someone with our Church values as then they would most likely have little to no sexual partner which would cut down on the odds he would ever get a sexually transmitted disease. This is the point where I start to wrap up the date, dinner was finished I wasn’t leaving “early” – he then tells me he hasn’t asked me all the questions he looked up, and starts to quickly read them off the note card. I tell him we don’t have to finish them, it would be okay. In the parking lot I give him a hug and thank him, at which point he once again tries to hand me his resume in case I wanted to keep a copy. Needless to say, I didn’t go back for a second date.”

“I work in sales and I was supposed to go out with this lady’s son. She gave him my number and he reached out to me …or so I thought it was him. It was his BROTHER. I went on a date with the wrong son… didn’t work out, now I’m going out with her other son😩”

“I learned girls can be just as creepy as guys on this one. Typically we matched, messaged for a bit, and then decided to meet.We go to Guru’s for lunch, she was so socially awkward, eventually opened up, and then suggested we enjoy the view on the Y mountain parking lot.Stupid enough I agreed to go there. When we arrived, we decided to name all the buildings that we knew. Suddenly she takes my AUX and starts playing love music. Then she asked me if I wanted to know what her favorite building was. She points at the Provo temple and says she works there and loves it. After that she told me she had a strong testimony of the temple, especially in eternal marriage.And then she reaches over and pulls a hair off my arm! I was like what the heck. She said, “I want to play with you.” I was so scared what she was going to do next that I told her I had somewhere to be. While I was driving her back to her place, she asked “How soon do you want to get married.”And I said “I don’t know. When I find the right girl for me.” “

“A guy took me out to dinner and kept pretending to fall asleep while I was talking 😅 then he was basically just wanted to talk about my best friend the entire time 😂”

“Okay so it’s not mine, it’s my brother’s. But I’ll tell it from his pov.I had met this girl at a tri-stake dance and she was super pretty, and the granddaughter of a general authority. So I asked her out, and she said yes. The day of the date comes and I stupidly decide to go to TacoBell before. I pick her up and we go to the state fair. We’re having a super good time, she’s cute and funny, awesome stuff. Then, TacoBell takes it’s revenge. I let one loose, and it turns out to be much more than gas. So here I am, on a date with a hot girl and I literally just pooped my pants. With my quick thinking, I see that there’s a ring toss game with sweatpants as the prize. I tell her we should play and get matching sweatpants. So we play, and I’m getting whiffs of stink, so I know she is too. We eventually win and get the sweatpants, and i suggest we go put them on right then. I go to the port a potty and take off my pants and underwear, and throw them down the toilet abyss. So they’re gone. I open up the sweatpants, and to my horror, IT’S A SWEATSHIRT. I’m panicking, but I can’t just run out butt naked. I squeezed my legs into the sweatshirt arms, and holding it up around my legs, ran to the car. I totally left her there and have not spoken to her to this day”

“Worst date experience:When I was a senior in high school a family friend (who was a year younger than me) asked me on a date (it was his first date so that is always awkward in and of itself, but we were good friends and I told him I would love to.) Little did I know he had planned a double date …WITH MY EX! WHO HAD ASKED ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!! And to make it worse we had only been broken up for a like a month and hadn’t talked since the breakup lol. So anyway we get there, realized what was going on and we both decided to make the best of it for the sake of our dates. We were going to Salt Lake City to see Christmas lights and grab a bite to eat. We rode the train there and for the most part the date was fine, until it was time to go home. We missed our train, and because it was so late the other one wasn’t coming for another hour. Now, just so you understand, I was definitely the mom friend in this situation, so I made sure everyone told their parents and we got updatedTickets etc. While I’m running around making sure everyone is good and everything is taken care of my ex had fallen asleep at the station waiting for the train, which I thought was weird. He was usually super bubbly and chatty and stuff, but I was so stressed about getting home I didn’t think too much of it. When we finally saw the train pulling up I walked over and woke him up. I offered my hand to help him up and he took it. The second he was standing on his feet he shoved me backwards and proceeded to throw up all over the place. It got all over his shirt, and my shoes. I yelled at my date to hold the train as long as he could because it was the last train of the night, but my ex was literally in the middle of throwing up as the doors opened. We eventually got on the train, literally seconds before it started moving away from the platform, and both covered in puke. We asked the train attendant for paper towels or something and all they had were paper bags, that were usually used to actually throw up in. We tried to use those to clean up a little bit but for the most part we just had to endure the hour and a half long train ride, then get in his car and drive the other 30 minutes to get everyone home and dropped off. It was brutal, but now my ex and I have talked about it and we both just laugh.”

“I got asked on a date, once we were at the restaurant my date stated he had accidentally forgot his wallet. I said that’s OK I’d be happy to pay, and you can pay next time. I went to go use the bathroom and while I was in there, I met with another girl who was also on a date and we were joking around about how fun our dates were. I came out to my day by the bathroom door, facing the opposite direction on the phone talking to his friend as he stated, and she totally bought that I forgot my wallet. At that point I was so frustrated I tapped him on the shoulders and I walked out and said see you later .”

“It was so bad- I was asked out to a dance in highschool by a girl who I really liked at the time. The plan was to go to a movie theater before the dance with another couple. Long story short she was cuddling up to the other dude and calling him “sweetie” while he had his arm around his date and FaceTiming kissy faces to a third girl. So basically I got third wheeled on a date I was asked on haha”

“We met at the park. He noticed a band aid on my big toe. He started talking about how he lost his toenail playing football. He wanted me to see…I said he didn’t need to…. He took his sock off and showed me … his missing toenail …”

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