Met on Mutual: Wendy & Andrew

My husband and I had the blessing of being able to meet through this Mutual application, it is an excellent opportunity that is given to all the young people within the church, despite the fact that I lived in Peru – Trujillo and my husband in Washington DC, we were able to meet by this means in the month of March 2020, it was where the pandemic began in the following weeks and all countries closed their borders, despite the fact that there is a difference in language, it could not be an impediment to getting to know each other, after seven long months of a lot of patience, tranquility and waiting, we were able to meet in Peru on November 5, all that time was day by day of video calls, prayers together, readings of scriptures in English and Spanish, it was not easy, but not impossible either, when my beloved Andrew arrived in Peru I could not believe that he had traveled so far to reach me, after 3 days in my country he proposed to me, I did not hesitate to accept him and although nothing would be easy, we were able to work r always from the hand of God.

In this that way of preparing my documents to obtain the K1 Visa (Fiancé Visa), he came to Peru every two or three months to visit me, we have known some places in my country and he loved it more and more.

After a long year of many tests and weaknesses I was able to obtain the Visa and travel to the United States, I arrived here on April 20, 2022, approximately two weeks later we were able to get married, it was too private only with his parents and brothers, it was very wonderful all that moment.

I am very happy to have found the great love of my life through this wonderful MUTUAL application.

I just wanted to share my experience and these wonderful moments that I had thanks to this application .

My husband and I are very grateful for this, a strong hug and God bless you always…

Met On Mutual
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These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!


These stories are submitted by real people who met on Mutual. You could be next!

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