Met on Mutual: Marissa & Marty

Dec 27, 2022

My mutual experience started out well. I was just starting my first semester at Brigham Young University- Idaho (September of 2017) when my new roommates convinced me to get the Mutual App. I thought to myself no, no, no I will just meet guys through my ward, classes, etc. Low and behold, I got that app that very night. I started swiping a ton off guys because I thought I would never actually go out with any, just scoping my options.  Later that same day I matched with this guy named Marty, he seemed pretty cool, he had lots of stuff in his bio, but I thought nothing was going to come of it since he hadn’t messaged me and I didn’t want to message him first. So I thought, a couple hours later I got a notification saying I had a message from Marty. I was so glad he wasn’t one of those guys who tried to use a cheesy pick up line of some sort, he seemed genuine right from the beginning. We started talking and after a couple days he asked me on a date to go get some frozen yogurt after Devotional that Tuesday. I was hesitant at first because that same day I was asked ton a date by guy I met on campus, to go to Devotional with him THAT SAME DAY… I couldn’t say no because I really wanted to meet him. Tuesday came around and I was finding a spot to sit at Devotional with my date and guess who I see sitting down as I am walking up the isle with another guy, that’s right MARTY! Luckily, he didn’t see me with the other guy. After Devotional we met down the street, because the crowd of people after Devotional is a mess. As I was walking down the sidewalk to meet him, I thought to myself this guy is even good looking from far away. Long story short, we made our way to this place called Kiwi Loco to get some frozen yogurt, and then afterwards he played the guitar and piano for me because he mention that he played the guitar and I thought it would be cool if he showed me some songs. During that week we probably went on about three more dates and the rest was history. We soon started seeing each other every day, then we made things official. In October he actually came home with me to go to the Meridian Temple Open House, and he met my family. I finally met his family during Thanksgiving, and things were great. Once Fall Semester ended at BYU-I we went to our families house over break and then once Winter semester started in January we would head back to school together. By this time it is January 6th and we are driving together back to school. He was driving and said if we could stop in Twin Falls for a bathroom break, so as we were making our way into Twin Falls we were driving over Perrine Bridge and he turns and looks at me and asks if we could stop down at the bottom, view point place and park area because he had never been down there. I agreed, because I had never been down there either. After taking our bathroom break we drove down into the valley next the river and got out and started to walk up to the little viewpoint. It was so MUDDY, I thought I was going to slip and get all muddy, luckily I wore my boots that day. I was thinking to myself while I was walking up, “Do we really have to do this right now?”, “I’m going to fall in the mud…”. We got to a good spot where there was a perfect view of the bridge, Marty started taking about us and our lives together and the next thing I know he is down on one knee, KNEELING IN THE MUD. I was so worried that he was kneeling in the mud because I didn’t want him to get super dirty, especially because we still had two more hours in the car until we were back at school. It was worth it though, because I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. We decided to get married on April 20th of this year, because it’s the weekend after he graduates from BYU-I . Also, we are getting married in the Meridian Temple, which is also where we went to the open house together as I mentioned earlier. Thanks to Mutual, I have met Marty Foster, the Love of my life!! If I had never signed up I would have never met him because we are in different wards with totally different degrees, making it hard to ever see each other on campus.

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