Met on Mutual: Melissa & Breaden

Nov 22, 2022

As we think about what we are thankful for on this Thanksgiving day, it reminds me how greatful I am for my husband and the relationship we’ve always wanted.

This is how it all began…

Hi my name is Melissa.

It took a lot of courage to start dating again after my very nasty divorce and abusive marriage. I am a convert, and through my ex was raised in the church he was never an active member of the church during out 12 year marriage. After my divorce I knew I wanted a temple worthy man to lead me and our family.

I came across Braden,  my now husband’s profile, just a few months after my divorce. I was nervous to start dating again so soon after the divorce but after a few 6hr phone calls I knew I wanted to meet him in person. We started dating a few days after we met in person for the first time.

Braden had been divorced for 7 long years and was starting to give hope of finding someone. Before we met he had considered deleting the app and giving up. His roommates prayed over him that he would find his eternal companion, he then had a prompting to look one more time.

When he logged in, there was a message from me waiting for him!

After getting to know him over the phone and meeting him in person I knew he was the one for me. I know that sounds corny but it’s true! There was this overwhelming feeling I had and after our first date and I told everyone else that I was talking to thank you but no thank you. I knew this man was special and I wanted to commit to him and to getting to know him, only him.

Braden told me that when he first saw me walking up on our first date he was speechless!

When we got married I walked down the aisle to him to the song Speechless!

It was not long after we first started date that we wanted to be together for all eternity. We got married about 11 months after our first date.

I couldn’t be happier with this man. We both have traumatic pasts and he has healed my heart in ways I never thought possible! We make each better visions of each other and we are truly best friends ❤

We were divinely designed for each other. We are so grateful for each other every day! We got married July 2021 and we now have a beautiful blended family!

I had two children a 10 year old boy and a 13 year old girl.

He has 4 boys 18, 15, 13, and 9.

*Here are some pictures of our wedding,  a picture when we got engaged, picture of one of our first dates and a picture of our blended family.

Thank you to everyone at Mutual, we are truly grateful for you!

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