Met on Mutual: Jacky & Nate

Nov 15, 2022
I was told about this app for members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. In the beginning, I was kinda skeptical because you know, it may not work but I did it anyway not expecting anything.
I signed up in august 2021, and by the next few days, I was chatting with a few prospects. One of them was my husband (now). He’s from Utah and I am from Guatemala living in New Jersey.  We started video chatting, and texting and we got excited about more things in common.
He’s a sports referee in Utah and I had no idea anything about sports but he kept trying and i finally got interested in him. He’s so sweet.
Since I do business in dōTERRA I was planning on coming to Utah for the convention in September 2021. He was aware of that, so he offered himself to be my Uber during my visit to Utah, and of course that helped even more by getting to know each other when I came back to New Jersey. We noticed the huge difference and we missed each a lot. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said YES
I ended up flying back to Utah at the end of October 2021. It’s not been easy but we both are working hard to make it work.
We got married in July 2022 and we’re expecting to go to the temple when I finish some paperwork  in my first marriage (through the temple).
Here’s some pictures of us dating, weddings, and us together.
Met On Mutual
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