Met on Mutual: Erinn & Will

Dec 6, 2022

I got the mutual app while attending BYUI to meet new friends, I figured that if something sparked from it then that would be cool but I mostly just kept my mind open to meeting people. I had the app for quite a while, about 2 years, and had made some fun friends. I hadn’t found anyone special though and once in a while I would take a break and delete the app, but I always ended up downloading it again after some time away. I came across Will’s profile in the middle of June 2021. At first I almost didn’t swipe up on him because I thought in his pictures he looked like a big goof ball. Now that I know him, that is one thing I love about him, he can be goofy and knows how to have fun. I decided to swipe up and I said “what the heck, it never hurts to have more friends.” Will and I chatted for about 3 days on the app’s messaging feature before we met. We talked about our interests and our hobbies mostly and then decided to meet. We met on a Friday night at the firepit at my apartment complex and talked, we ended up talking for like 3 hours and didn’t even realize how long we had been talking before it got dark. We went on a second date a few days later, then another a few days after that and I thought “wow this guy is different than anyone else I have met” and I could see the potentenatial growing for something more than friends. On our fourth date we went to the zoo and he held my hand and that was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it, he also surprised me at the end of that date with a kiss.  Will went out of town for a few days after leaving me at the end of that date and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. When he got back into town we became almost inseparable, seeing each other almost every day, even if it was just to work on homework while sitting next to each other. We met each other’s families during thanksgiving and Christmas breaks and we just fell more in love after that. After 7 months of being together, on January 21st 2022 Will asked me to marry him in the very spot where we met, the firepit at my apartment complex. Of course I said yes and now we are getting married April 9th 2022 in Rexburg ID.

Met On Mutual
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