Met on Mutual: Brock & Kara

Jan 3, 2023

Brock and I first met on Mutual in November of 2020. He lived in Idaho and I lived in Nevada. By the end of November,   he had decided to drive down and we spent two days learning all about each other. We went to a car museum and got some awesome ice cream in Reno. The last night he was there he played the song Can’t Help Falling in Love on his guitar and I admitted that I loved him. After a few months of driving back and forth, I moved to Idaho to be by him. Then in October of last year, we drove up to Pocatello for the open house and he took me up to the pillars overlooking the town and sang our song, and asked me to marry him. In January we were married in the Twin Falls Idaho Temple. Thank you, Mutual for helping us find each other.

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