Met on Mutual: Rooma & Tim

Apr 19, 2022

My wonderful Wife Rooma, from Pakistan and me, from Germany met over Mutual.

We both used Mutual before but we both delete it because we don’t find it worth, but install it again about the same Time.

We match up quickly after the reinstall but had a hard time to start the Conversation, we do not really know what to talk about, but even with a hard start we improved our conversation and getting used to it. Even we need to communicate English, until today, it’s not holding us back to improve everyday.

We added us on Facebook and iMessage and starting to know each other better, I feel that I began to want to have more that just a friendship and talked with her about it, we was talking every day about FaceTime or via Chat for multiple hours and I was happy she feel the same, I decide to go the first step and tell her that I fall in love with her.

Our relationship improved from Day to Day even between us are thousands of Kilometers.

On feb, 25.2020 we get married, and our love is increasing since them everyday, we feel God’s blessing in our life specially as we found out that my wonderful wife was getting Pregnant.

We both did not expect at all to find someone on a dating app, but now we are here, married, happy, loved, and getting a Child.


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