Expert Panel – How Can I Best Show I Care In A Relationship?

Geoff Steurer

MS, LMFT, and Author

Podcaster of “From Crisis to Connection”

IG @geoffsteurer

The fact that you’re asking this question means that you already care, which is a great start. You can take it further by asking the other person how they feel cared. You can observe how they care for you (they’ll often care for you in ways that are meaningful to them). Even though we might have different ways of feeling loved by another person, universally, we all love to be noticed by someone else. As you pay attention to their preferences, their dislikes, their stressors, etc, you can ask good follow up questions, remember important dates in their life, check in on the things they have going on, and so on, they will feel seen and noticed. It’s powerful to know someone is paying attention.

Adam Moore


Podcaster of “Pocket Therapist”

IG @dradammoore

Liv Talley

LDS Dating Coach & Expert

Podcaster of “With Love, From Liv”

IG @livtalley_coach

By just caring, lol. However you show you care about the people around you, is how you’ll show it in a relationship. Be open if your partner asks for something specific, but trust that you’re doing well by just being you.


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