Expert Panel – How Can I Maintain A Solid Long Distance Relationship?

Liv Talley

LDS Dating Coach & Expert
Podcaster of “With Love, From Liv”
IG @livtalley_coach

All relationships require the same formula for lasting: connection + honest communication + commitment. Set up regular zoom dates and honor time together the same as you would being near each other and prioritize emotional intimacy

Geoff Steurer

MS, LMFT, and Author
Podcaster of “From Crisis to Connection”
IG @geoffsteurer

Thankfully, there are countless ways to stay connected these days. I recommend using all the forms available, but make sure you prioritize video and voice. We need to hear the tone and see the face to really create a bond. Try and make time for each other so you can have real-time conversations instead of only relying on asynchronous ways of communicating (i.e., texting, marco polo, social media, snapchat, etc.). Long-distance can give you a special opportunity to have deeper conversations that you might not make time for when living closer together. It can really deepen your bond with each other, especially you make time for each other. If you’re planning on taking this relationship into marriage, you’ll want to spend more time in person together. Save your pennies so you can get together in person when you can. It’s worth it to have time together.

Adam Moore

Podcaster of “Pocket Therapist”
IG @dradammoore

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