Six Funny Date Stories That Will Make You LOL

May 26, 2022

Not every date you go on is going to end up being your happily ever after – and that’s okay! You’ll learn some great lessons along the way, and sometimes the bad dates make the funniest stories!

We asked you to send in your funniest date stories and we picked some of our favorites to share. Some of these you’re just going to have to read to believe!

Nice To SEE You

“I went on a date with someone in a nearby city. He had JUST gotten home from his mission a few weeks prior! We made pizza and as he was praying over it, his parents walk over to introduce themselves. They looked familiar but it’s a small area so I didn’t think anything of it until the next day at my eye exam. He dad was my optometrist!! So I had to look him in the eye as he asked how the date went and if I kissed him..! (I didn’t)”

Stole The Cactus, Not My Heart

“While we waited for our reserved table, she decided the cactus center piece would look better at her place so she bagged the tiny plant in her purse. Must have been 4 inches tall. I couldn’t help myself but fear she would have been arrested when done with our meal. Nothing happened but I did go buy another similar plant and brought it back the next day. Never heard from this girl again.”

Penny Pincher

“He took me to a wedding reception of someone neither of us knew for free food.”

Power Moves

“When I got home from my mission, I started living with some of my companions. There was a sister missionary in my mission that I never had met, but they wanted to set me up with. She was living in Salt Lake City, and I was in Provo. We met halfway at a burger joint and things weren’t bad, but conversation wasn’t great and so I said my goodbyes after we finished eating.

Quickly, she ask what I was doing the rest of the night. I told her homework and probably a movie with my roommates. “I Love Movies” was her instant response. As we had met halfway, she proceeds to follow me home. My roommates are all around the TV when we walk in and I glare at them that they are not allowed to leave. She sits down and I want to make it clear I am not interested. I sit down on the opposite end of the couch from her, and I am leaning with my full body away from her both Arms on the opposite side of my body from her. She slides over to me, and I keep leaning as far as I can.

She starts putting her hand out to hold my hand and I don’t move. After sitting like this for a while. She reaches over, grabs my hand (rather aggressively), and so what do I do, I sit there with my hand wide open, not holding her hand even though she’s holding mine. She starts snuggling into me, and I get up to get something to drink (really can’t send much clearer of messages). After the movie, we stand up, I walk her to her car, and I make a B-line back to the apartment before she can make her next move…

Later that night, I get a text message about how amazing the date was, that we have a lot of chemistry, and asking if I want to pursue this as much as she did.”

Partner Workout… Minus The Partner

“Not mine but somebody else! The first date was to this guys CrossFit gym – she is by no means athletic. He says “I’m actually going for a PB (personal best)…” he leaves her to do the workout by herself! Needless to say they did NOT go on a second date. 😂”

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

“This date was just one thing going wrong after another. I’ll try to give the short version because it’s long. 😂 First, he picked me up super late. He didn’t have his own car and was planning on borrowing his roommate’s car but his roommate had left and taken his keys with him. He had to run around between apartment complexes on foot to try and track down his roommate and the keys. Eventually he gets a hold of a car to use and picks me up to take me to the sand dunes for a bonfire. 

On the way there, we run into a “road closed” sign because of construction. He’s worried that it’s already getting late and doesn’t want to have to find a way around it, so he decides to drive straight into the construction. We start driving through huge ditches and past huge tractors but eventually there’s nowhere to go so he has to turn around anyways, making it even later when we finally get to the sand dunes. Once we get there we start setting up the bonfire and it takes forever to light because it’s super windy. Not long after we get it started, it starts to rain, nearly putting the bonfire out again. Once the rain stops, we realize it’s getting pretty late so we decide to just call it a night and head back. We put out the fire and get back in the car to head home but it doesn’t move. The rain had caused the car to sink into the sand and we were stuck. 

He decides to start trying to dig it out and I didn’t want to make him do it alone, so we’re both on our hands and knees covered in wet sand trying to get the car unstuck. It doesn’t work. At this point, it’s like 1:00 in the morning, but we’re out of options, so he calls his friend with a truck, waking him up, and asks him to come pull us out. His friend shows up, and it just so happens to be the guy that I had gone on a date with the week before. AWKWARD. He pulls the car out of the sand but not before breaking his tow cable in half trying to get it out. We finally get home around 2:00 AM and I don’t think I said a word the entire way home. Plot twist: we’re now married almost 6 years later. 😂 So moral of the story is, just because you had a bad date doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around!”

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on a date? Post it in the comments or send it to us for a chance to be featured in a future blog post!

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