Met on Mutual: Denice & Ricky

Apr 12, 2022

I met this wonderful young man on mutual. On we connected on mutual and been seeing each other ever since.

So we met on mutual October 28. That night I was just swiping as I was debating in deleting the app because there where no spark between anybody I was messaging during that time. Then I ran into Ricky’s profile who is now my husband. I was like he seems like a good guy I will swipe up. Then we matched. Ricky ended up messaging me first and asked about one of my pictures. He really caught my eye since he asked that question. Soon we went on our first date on Halloween and went to a haunted house. After that we continued talking to each other and went on more dates that weekend making things official a week later. He proposed at gateway mall where we first held hands. Now we are married we got married in a temple 🙂 I am grateful that had the chance to meet him on mutual it really does work. Thank you for making this dating app.

Met On Mutual
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