Met on Mutual: Leslie & Isaac

May 10, 2022

I downloaded Mutual back in January this year after feeling bored and lonely for a little while. For a little context, I was stuck at home in Colorado at the time because the BYUH campus was closed, and had been for a while due to COVID-19. My friend convinced me to get it, just for fun if nothing else. It definitely turned out to be more than just for fun. I came across Isaac’s profile and saw that he was also a student at BYU-Hawaii, living just an hour away from me in Colorado! We matched, he asked me out, and the rest is history. We were engaged in April, and got married and sealed in the Fort Collins Temple on July 31st. Now that the campus is open again, we’re attending school in Hawaii together and loving life as a married couple! We’re still amazed that we were able to find each other in Colorado while both BYUH students. We are so, so grateful for mutual!

Met On Mutual
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