Met on Mutual: Liza & Jeff

Aug 26, 2021

Hi my name is Liza , and me and my husband,  Jeff , got married June 11 th thanks to Mutual.

I had been on mutual of and on for the last few years. I would go through stages where I downloaded the app and then not find anyone I liked and be discouraged. Then I would delete the app again for the forth time. Then when covid hit back in March 2020 I decided to take a break and deleted my profile again. In January this year I decided to give it one very last try again. Fifth time is a charm! Well it worked. I had my age limit set on 5 years younger than my age and 5 years older. Well I look back at my dating experience and realized I had too many restrictions. I think we as women put our standards too high and don’t have a open mind to dating people in general . I know i even went through the shallow stage, not proud to admit. (It’s not all about looks ) Why not give the under dog guys a chance that perhaps never would have a girl contact them. You never know right, if he is the one. So  my dating took off when I had a open mind dating more guys…. Unfortunately along the way in the beginning I thought I would just look for local guys to date and got discouraged after writing many guys out of state. I thought : “ dating long distance and out of state guys will never work” …… but little did I know the Lord had other idears for my life. Everything changed when I decided to look out of state again ! and (ward hopping ) one  advice to singles out there is…… don’t be afraid to look in other states for Mister right because you might just find him like I did. Don’t give up and have a open mind. 

Another advice ……listen to your prompting of the spirit, your intuition you might say. And you will never go wrong. One night I felt prompted 2 times to change my age limit of guys  to 9 years older than me  and didn’t recognize it was a prompting. Third time i recognized the prompting and I changed it and I’m so glad I did!  If I hadn’t changed the age limit to  9 years older I would have never meet Jeff. He barely made the cut…. Also felt prompted to ward hop to Boise Idaho area.

I thought ; What’s in Boise Idaho?

Third picture and there was Mr. Handsome and I swiped up and the rest is history. 

Well after I swiped up it took a few days for Jeff to see my picture and then he swiped up and it was Mutual. 

We Meet  and after a wonderful courtship we got engaged and Married in June. I know ones you know it’s right you just know right?

We had a instant connection. After writing for two days we decided to exchange numbers and we FaceTimed every single night until Jeff flew down to Arizona to meet me in person for the first time. We laughed and cried together in one setting and just had the hardest time getting off the phone because we enjoyed eachothers company so much. Sometimes I only got 5 hours of sleep with a 10 hour work schedule next day……. Lol 

We just knew we were supposed to be together. It just felt right from the beginning.

There was too many coincidences of things we had in common. Hard to believe….

I feel strongly that the Lord brought us together. No doubt about it. I’m the happiest I have been in a long time. Our love grows stronger every day. Don’t know where I would be without Jeff.  So grateful to Mutual and glad I gave long distance dating a last shot. Last advice; Just don’t give up. Just keep having faith and trying and you will find Mister right or Mrs. right one day. It will all work out. You will see.  

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