Met on Mutual: Mr. & Mrs. Valero

Sep 5, 2023

To begin I had set a “no one out of the USA” rule in my mind because I know how hard it is to get green cards, but God had a better plan! There was this nerdy-looking but sweet face that popped up and I was instantly going to swipe no because he was from Mexico. God said swipe yes. I said let me at least read his profile. Haha! Upon reading his profile I was like, ok, I’ll swipe yes because his profile is interesting, but mostly because you said so. He and I messaged back and forth for some time on the app before switching to Facebook messenger so we could video chat. Through texts and video chats we started falling for each other. We started chatting in October of 2022 on the app and at the end of May 2023, this year, we eloped to Vegas and had my son and best friend there and got married at a counter at a Vegas wedding chapel. It was so fun and wouldn’t have done it any other way!! Seeing him at the airport the first time was like my heart was complete! This man is so loving and kind and asks me every single day how he can help me or support me. God truly blessed us. God told me to download the app, then to swipe on someone I had originally made a plan for no foreigners, and now we are happily married and making plans to go to the temple!! Thank you, Mutual, for bringing us together!


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