Met on Mutual: Gavin & Emily

Sep 26, 2023

Emily (my wife) and I met on Mutual in Colorado over Winter break. We talked for a bit on the app and bonded over our profiles. Our first date was during the pandemic, so we went to look at Christmas lights and got takeout dinner together from Chili’s. We talked for a while that evening and watched silly videos together. After that, we went on one more date before, eventually, we had to separate. She was staying in Colorado to prepare for a mission and I was going back to Utah for school. We FaceTime’d every night until she left, wrote every week while on her mission, and eventually started dating again upon her return. I proposed to her on the 2 year anniversary of our first date and we were promptly sealed in the Denver Temple in May of this year. What began as simple flirty messages over Mutual began the start of the most beautiful relationship I’ve ever had in my life. I’m grateful for how we met, because my life has been better since Emily has been in it.

Met On Mutual
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