Met on Mutual: Daphne & Jarod

Jun 13, 2023

Hello! I just wanted to quickly share my love story that started from mutual! I’ve been married before in an abusive relationship and I thankfully made it out alive. I told myself I was never marrying again. I went through a lot and was turning to the Savior to heal and be a better disciple of Christ through all the trauma I went through. 1 year ago, I was living in Illinois (where I’m from) and just living life. I hadn’t dated since my divorce in 2020. I was prompted to not date at all. So I didn’t, even though I met many guys I could’ve dated. I then got the hugest feeling to move to Idaho. I moved in with my Grandma despite obstacles getting me there (my car breaking down on the way to Idaho and giving all of my stuff away/selling my broken car.) I decided to download mutual. I talked to a lot of cool guys!! I really enjoy getting to know people. There were some guys I liked but I was SO ANXIOUS and so I didn’t go back on any dates. There was this one dude who lived in California and was coming to his Grandmas for a family reunion in Idaho. His Grandma and my Grandma lived 45 min from each other. He just wanted a date to the family reunion. We hit it off really well over texting and 1 phone call and had a

mazing chemistry. But I canceled our first date because of fear. The next day, he asked again and I expressed my anxiety. He said well let’s talk through it and I’ll help you. That definitely helped and so he came and picked me up. I swear on everything that I fell in love with him immediately. We went to his family reunion and I realized how truly special and amazing he was. 2 months later, I moved to California for him despite knowing no one, having little to no money, scared out of my mind, and barely knowing this guy. But I did know him and I knew I’d marry him. And I did. We were sealed on April 8th and it was honestly the best day of my life. He’s been so patient and kind with me and healing from my past. He shares my energy and we laugh all the time together. I have sincerely married my best friend and favorite person. Thank you for helping me find my eternal partner, mutual 🤍🤍


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