Met on Mutual: Morgen & Justin

Jul 4, 2023

Justin and I met on mutual. We messaged for a month straight. He was the first guy I felt comfortable with and desired to actually meet after the first week of talking. Due to circumstances, though, we were forced to only talk for a month. On exactly one month to the day after the first message we sent, we met up for our first date. A month later, we were in a committed relationship. A month later, I knew that he was my eternity. We got engaged after 4 months of dating and talking. He had only wanted fun dates, and I was looking for more. He wasn’t ready for a committed relationship, but we found our eternal companions in each other. I waited for him while he was deployed overseas, and 2 weeks after he got home, we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. We now have 2 boys and can’t imagine life without each other. He is truly my best friend and my eternal companion.

Met On Mutual
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