Met on Mutual: Briana & Nathan

May 30, 2023

We met on mutual a year and a half ago, we added eachother on other social media sites but rarely talked until that summer when I decided to ask him if he wanted to have a phone date with me, 4.5 phone conversation later we called almost every single day. I was going to go visit him in Alberta but he decided to book his flight to British Columbia for 5 days without giving me much warning. By the third day he was on b.c I knew there was something different about him from any other man I’ve met. And he asked me to be his girlfriend, hesitatingly I said yes. We did long distance for a while and then I decided to move to Alberta. After a month and a half living there he proposed a week after my birthday and I couldn’t breath for about 5 minutes, then nosed yes. He insisted I gave him a verbal confirmation. 6 months engaged and we got married yesterday May 25th and I couldn’t of married anyone else in the world. My soul is for God but my heart was made for Nathan 🖤


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