Met on Mutual: Madison & Taylor

Apr 25, 2023

Taylor and I matched on mutual Jan. 2021 while attending BYU-Idaho. Funny thing was our apartment buildings were right across the street from each other but we weren’t in the same Ward or Stake and never had any classes together. So if it weren’t for mutual, we would have never met! About a week after we matched, we went on our first date: we played pickleball and got icecream. We played multiple games and I creamed him every time! haha poor guy! Interestingly enough, that didn’t discourage him. Actually, he later told me that it was something that helped him to first start liking me….he liked that I was competition for him so he could work harder and get better. Even though he didn’t walk me to my doorstep after our date (he was running late to work…but I didn’t know that, so it was the one awkward part about our first date), we both thought it was one of the best first dates we had been on and were excited to see how things would progress. We started exclusively dating in February. The next few months after that we did long distance while I was student teaching. The long distance helped us build a solid relationship with communication and valuing each other’s company. On August 7, 2021 Taylor sent me on a little scavenger hunt that was super cute, sentimental, and romantic. He was waiting at the end with flowers and a ring…we got engaged! On November 20, 2021 we were married and sealed for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple. We have been married now for almost 15 months and are super excited for what the future has in store- we keep falling in love with each other more and more every day!

Met On Mutual
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