Met on Mutual: Samantha & Drake

May 16, 2023

Drake and I met after being on Mutual for a couple of years. I swiped up on him because not only was he extremely handsome in his cowboy hat, but because he loved country music and was basically a cowboy. We talked for a couple of weeks before he asked me out on a date. We were getting along great, had a lot of similar goals and so many things in common. When we met in person at Texas Roadhouse, I could see him towering over the rest of the crowd waving to me, wearing the same cowboy hat. We both ordered our steaks medium rare while talking about more goals and achievements we wanted for ourselves. After dinner we went to a country dancing bar and was learning a few line dances. We both had 2 left feet and kept stepping on each other with our boots but had fun nonetheless. We ended our night with stargazing and plans for future dates! It only took Drake a week to ask me to be his girlfriend, and 4 months to propose. A few months later, January 7th 2023, we were sealed for time and eternity. I have never been with anyone who has made me feel like I was that person’s entire world. Drake has been the kindest soul, not only to me, but to everyone around him. I deeply admire his compassion and his faith in the gospel and those two traits alone were enough for me to fall in love with him very quickly.

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