Met on Mutual: Shawn & Ashley

Aug 16, 2022

She said I was her first date from the app. We’ve both been divorced for 2 years. We first met back in early April on the app and only went out a couple times in the first month, but then started going out more and more. Until recently we’ve been seeing eachother every other day with or without our kids.

We’re officially bf/gf as of today. Time to get off the dating market!

Ashley lived in AZ and I (Shawn) was living in Utah. The only way we could have met was on your Mutual app. It was especially important as the Pandemic had just begun. We started with messaging and within a week we were talking over the phone. We actually never missed a night to talk on the phone and then facetime. It helped build our bond fast. From there we planned some trips to AZ and Utah to visit each other. We have both been married before, so we are both blending our families with kids. We are about to be sealed in the temple and are happy! Thanks for helping bring us together!

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