Met on Mutual: Branna & Luis

Aug 23, 2022

Luis and I matched the same day I downloaded mutual. I deleted it right after I gave him my number because I knew I probably wasn’t going to be interested in anyone else!

We both moved to Utah to be together because he was living in Florida and I was living in Missouri (thank you infinity setting )

He first proposed at temple square but I genuinely thought he was teasing me. I tried to laugh it off and told all the people around us that were clapping and taking pictures that he was joking. I pulled him up off his knee and we left. I really embarrassed him. Poor kid.

The second time he proposed, he took me hiking up to a huge white cross in Spanish Fork. (His mission president told him to take a girl hiking before you propose. If she complains, DO NOT MARRY HER. Luis really wanted me to pass the “test” so he TOLD ME about it before the hike to make sure I knew not to complain hahaha)

We just recently got sealed in the KC temple!

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