Met on Mutual: Abigail & Jackson

Sep 6, 2022

I grew up in Kansas in a non-member community, so a week before I left for college at Utah State, my friends downloaded tinder and so I thought it would be fun to fit in with the crowd and download mutual. Week after WEEK, I’d get matches, I’d talk to a few cute guys, hoping it would go somewhere, but it never did.

One day, found a cute boy in a purple sweater named Jackson who served in the same area as my sister on her mission. Praying we’d had something in common, I swiped up and saw that we matched. Being all giddy and excited that we matched, I felt the spirit say ‘he’s pretty cute. you should text him’ Wouldn’t that be funny if I married him? (THE SPIRIT NEVER LIES!!) Later, I learn that he just swiped up on 100 girls at a time just to see if he got matches, so while I was over there losing my mind obsessing over this boy, I was an accidental swipe for him.

​But push comes to shove, we talk nonstop and decided to plan a date. ‘If the date goes well, we’ll see where we go.’ Long story short the date obviously went pretty well in my opinion. After months of driving from Logan to Odgen then to Salt Lake then back to Logan and back to Salt Lake, he proposed. We got married in the Ogden temple where we’d take a couple of our dates and where he told me he loved me for the first time.

Girls, long-distance and “stupid mutual boys” stories are worth it when you find your eternal companion 🙂

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